This powerpoint presentation is meant to accompany the "Chinese PLA Threat" episode. Everything discussed in the episode is covered visually (via graphs, images, tables, etc). Each slide is narrated. It costs $20 (free shipping). You can have it on CD, or I can email it to you. If you are interested, email me at

For a description of the powerpoint presentation and the episode, see below:

China's People's Liberation Army is threatening to the United States Armed Forces because it is fighting a "People's War" (7 million Chinese troops vs. 2.5 million US troops) under "modern conditions" (China's GDP will exceed America's by 2011). China also has significant international backing from the UN, ASEAN, SCO, etc. Therefore, these two superpowers are destined to clash in some way.
  • When (analysis of each area is included in episode):
    • Unconventional Warfare: US is way ahead
    • Air Forces: US is ahead
    • Naval Forces: US is ahead
    • Ground Forces: US is ahead, but China is quickly catching up (this means that China will be able to fight regional conflicts but not global ones)
  • Where (analysis of each area is included in episode):
    • Taiwan
    • Kazakhstan
    • North Korea
    • Middle East
    • India
    • Southeast Asia