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American Treason

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The following are five great traitors in American History:
  • Benedict Arnold: Conspired to hand West Point over to the British (an action which would have greatly weakened the Continental's war effort during the American Revolution)
  • Aaron Burr: Killed Alexander Hamilton and later conspired to rule over a Western American Empire (which would have plunged the country into an East-West Civil War)
  • John Anthony Walker: Led the Walker Spy Ring which sold ALL of the US war plans during the Vietnam War to the Soviets
  • Aldrich Ames: Revealed to the Soviets the names of ALL the American spies currently operating in the Soviet Union. Many of them would be killed as a result.
  • Robert Hanssen: Revealed to the Soviets the location where American leaders would hide in the event of nuclear war. Also sold the US missile launch plans in the event of a nuclear war.
For more information, read:
US News and World Report (Jan 27, 2003): Spy Stories

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